Our Food & Service

Do you want to discover the new friendly and unique atmosphere of the Vietnamese cuisine?

Do you want to try the most authentic Vietnamese dishes which are easily found on every crowded and noisy corner of the streets there?

Do you want to experience eating with bowls and using chopsticks to taste the savoury, delicate and healthy combination of various fresh herbs, home-made sauces with many other spices and ingredients? 

Welcome to CHILLI TREE – Vietnamese Streetfood, you will find the answer!

Our Story

I was born in Vietnam - a country which is located thousand miles away and very unfamiliar with most European countries.

I still remember that every morning I was often woken by the sounds of my neighbor’s radio, roaring motor bikes, people calling or laughing with each other noisily. Our life is so attached to every street corner. We go out, buy things, we eat, we celebrate on the street. As a tradition, we usually start the day with a bowl of noodle soup in the street food vendors and then enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee. At the end of the day, we gather together around the dinner table with many delicious home-made dishes. We call it “family meal”.

During many years living and studying abroad, this routine seems unchangeable and has become an important part to me to relieve my homesickness. All the memories kept motivating me to do something so that I came up with the idea of recreating this “unfamiliar atmosphere” to be able to bring the Vietnamese food culture to Europe. That’s the reason why Chilli Tree – Vietnamese street-food is open in Brno.


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